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Kokadi flip
As a full buckle carrying aid, our KOKADI flip baby carrier is particularly suitable for beginners, because it is easy and quick to put on and it is completely uncomplicated to use. Set in a flash, the flip is ready in no time for wonderful cuddles and loving carrying moments with your baby. It is not necessary to tie a sling at the beginning, which is often intimidating and complicated, it can be snapped up directly!

Neither ergonomics nor comfort is neglected, because for our KOKADI baby carriers, woven baby carrier fabric made of the best organic materials is used, which optimally adapts to your baby and supports it safely and reliably. For optimum comfort from birth to infancy - our Flip Baby Carrier helps your child grow smoothly and adapts to your baby at any time, thanks to the easy-to-adjust velcro on the baby carrier and the button-down elastic band around the neck. So you are always ready for the next growth spurt of your favorite!

Extensive cuddling lessons with bigger and heavier children are no longer a problem with our flip baby carrier! The padded hip and shoulder straps optimally support and distribute the weight of your baby. Whether in front of the stomach or on the back - with our KOKADI Flip Baby Carrier can always carry your sweetheart just as you need it!

• easy and quick to put on
• made of woven
baby carrier fabric • infinitely variable with your baby
• portable in front of the abdomen and on the back
• ergonomic squat expansion posture
• padded hip belt made of visco-elastic foam
• closes and opens completely over buckles

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