Hevea Fred Frog Natural Green Bath Toy


  • Hevea's Fred the Frog is a fun and playful frog shaped natural rubber baby bath toy. Made from soft and malleable, yet durable 100% natural rubber, that is completely non-toxic Fred the Frog is the perfect size for even the littlest hands and mouths to safely squeeze and chew at bath time.

    Fred the Frog's unique, hole free design makes it a safe and hygienic bath toy for babies and toddlers of all ages - with no holes where mould and grime could grow.

    • Soft and gentle 100% natural rubber - sustainably produced
    • No BPA, phthalates, plastics, petroleum or PVC
    • No added colours or synthetics
    • No perforations or holes in the bottom - eliminating the build up of mould and grime inside that many bath toys are prone to
    • Soft and tactile to touch
    • No squeaky noise
    • Stylish FSC-certified paper packaging for a beatiful baby gift
    • Handmade in Morocco
  • Size: approx 9.5 x 7 x 13 cm
    Packaging: FSC-certified paper packaging
    Safety: Complies with all relevant safety standards, including the EU safety standard EN71 and AS/NZ ISO.
    • Please ensure you check your Hevea Bath toy periodically for any tears or damage, and discard at the first sign of either.
    • After each use, leave your Hevea Bath Toys somewhere to dry, out of direct sunlight to maximise product life.
    • Hevea Bath Toys may darken over time and with use as there are no antioxidents added to keep them from changing colour.

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