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Green Kids

Green Kids Minkytimes Modern Cloth Nappies are a deluxe addition to your nappy stash! Beautifully designed and amazingly soft, these nappies are also made in Australia.

Minkytimes nappies are an extremely versatile, durable and reliable one size fits most pocket nappy - they can be used during the day, and are also fantastic for use overnight! They are made from a supremely soft outer layer of premium quality Minky, a hidden layer of waterproof PUL, and a stay dry inner layer of soft suedecloth. Minkytimes nappies do not require a separate cover!

Minkytimes nappies provide superior comfort for your baby - as liquid passes through the stay-dry lining, the waterproof outer keeps the moisture in and the stay-dry lining keeps your baby's bottom comfortable and dry.

The unique design of Green Kids nappies allows them to fit most babies from birth to toilet training depending on their build (approx. 2.5years or 15kg). Many babies will fit the nappies for longer, meaning that you don't need to purchase additional nappies when your baby grows.

Each Green Kids nappy will require an absorbent insert (sold separately). You can choose from a variety of absorbent inserts depending on your preferences and your baby's needs. Simply place the insert inside your nappy and you are ready to go!


  • OSFM
  • Pocket Nappy
  • Minky outer
  • Suedecloth inner
  • Super absorbant inserts (sold separately)
  • Australian Made

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