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Cheeky Wipes Cloth Baby Wipes Kit - Mini Kit (for cloth nappy users)

Cheeky Wipes

The Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit (for Modern Cloth Nappy users) is a fantastic, easy to use cloth baby wipes kit containing everything you need to use reusable cloth wipes for your baby.

This easy to use, affordable washable wipes kit is a great chemical-free, money saving alternative to disposable baby wipes! The soft and natural wipes solution containing 99% water and 1% safe essential oil blend is great for sensitive baby's skin, eczema and nappy rash, as well as the environment. In the first 2 years using cheeky wipes reusable cloth baby wipes compared with disposable wipes, you can save over $400!

Whether you you're at home or out and about, the kit has everything you need including cloth baby wipes, natural essential oils, a container for at home, travel bag for on the go and an easy to read step-by-step instruction booklet.


  • Chemical-free 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great for sensitive skin, eczema or nappy rash
  • Hassle free all in one system for cloth nappy users
  • Save time and money!

Kit Contents:

  • 25 x white cotton terry wipes (15 x 15 cm) (also available with other options)
  • 10 ml lavender & chamomile or mandarin & tea tree essential oils
  • 1 x fresh wipes container (22 x 22.75 x 10.5 cm)
  • Fresh wipes out and about travel bag
  • Easy to read instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions

How to use the mini kit:

  1. Fill the Fresh Wipes Container with water and add a few drops of the Fresh Wipes Essential Oil.
  2. Place clean, fresh cloth baby wipes into the container, turn them over a few times so they are moist, then the wipes are ready to use.
  3. Place used cloth baby wipes into your nappy bin/pail with your used cloth nappies.
  4. Simply wash your cloth baby wipes with your cloth nappies.
  5. Dry and repeat!

* Hint: Cheeky Wipes containers and bags come in an easy colour coded system - Fresh products are blue and Mucky products are green.

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