Cheeky Wipes Rainbow Wipes Mini Kit (for cloth nappy users)

Cheeky Wipes

  • The Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit (for Cloth Nappy users) with Terry Cotton Wipes is a simple and easy to use cloth wipes kit containing everything you need to use reusable cloth baby wipes for your baby from birth to toilet training!

    This affordable washable baby wipes kit is a great chemical-free, money saving alternative to disposable baby wipes! The soft and natural wipes solution containing 99% water and 1% safe essential oil blend is great for sensitive baby's skin, eczema and nappy rash, as well as the environment. In the first 2 years using cheeky wipes reusable cloth baby wipes compared with disposable wipes, you can SAVE over $400!

    Whether you you're at home or out and about, the kit has everything you need including super soft, sustainable bamboo velour cloth baby wipes, natural essential oil solution, a container for at home, travel bag for on the go and an easy to read step-by-step instruction booklet.

    • Natural and chemical-free 
    • Sustainable, environmentally friendly and waste free
    • Super soft and gentle on sensitive skin, eczema or nappy rash
    • Easy to use all in one system ideal for cloth nappy users
    • Save time and money!
    • 25 x reusable Terry Cotton cloth baby wipes (15 x 15 cm) (also available with other options)
    • One 10 ml lavender & chamomile OR 10 ml mandarin essential oils
    • 1 x fresh baby wipes container (22 x 22.75 x 10.5 cm)
    • Fresh wipes out and about travel bag
    • Easy to read instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions
    1. Fill the Fresh Wipes Container with water and add a few drops of the Fresh Wipes Essential Oil.
    2. Place your fresh, clean, baby wipes into the container, turn them over a few times so they are moist and ready to use.
    3. Place used cloth baby wipes into your nappy pail with your used cloth nappies.
    4. Simply wash your cloth baby wipes with your cloth nappies.
    5. Dry and repeat!

    * Hint: Cheeky Wipes containers and bags come in an easy colour coded system - Fresh products are blue and Mucky products are green.

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