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Little Greenie Genuine Baltic Amber Children's Bracelets / Anklets are hand-crafted by Baltic amber specialists in Lithuania with generations of experience. All of our Baltic Amber Bracelets feature carefully polished and softly rounded genuine Baltic amber beads, that are individually knotted to ensure that in the unlikely event of breakage only one piece of amber will come off. They also feature a plastic screw clasp that is designed to break under stress for added safety.

When an amber necklace or bracelet is placed against the skin, the body's temperature warms the amber, causing it to release its natural healing oils, which have an analgesic effect. Over the years, Baltic Amber has been found to calm, relax and provide pain relief for teething, arthritis, muscles, joints headaches and more.

All Little Greenie Baltic Amber Bracelets come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a 6 month warranty for faults. Broken or lost beads are only covered for 6 weeks from date of purchase. Bracelets worn in water or that have been misused do not fall under our warranty.

Length: 14 cm approx
Colour: Honey / Polished
Shape: Baroque / Round

  • Carefuly polished and softly rounded genuine baltic amber beads
  • Hand-crafted by Baltic Amber specialists
  • Each bead is individually knotted
  • Plastic screw clasp designed to break under pressure for added safety

Improtant Safety Information:

Safety is our highest priority at Little Greenie:

  • All of our Amber Bracelets are fitted with a plastic screw clasp designed to break under pressure
  • Each piece of amber is individually hand knotted so that in the unlikely event of breakage, only one piece of amber will come off
  • Parental guidance of children is recommended at all times while wearing an Amber Bracelet
  • These bracelets are not a toy and should never be used for chewing in any circumstances.

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Also comes in a matching Baroque Honey Baltic Amber Children's Necklace.

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