What are the benefits of babywearing?

Wearing your baby promotes a happier and healthier mum and baby, increases learning, reduces crying and advances social and emotional development. 

Wearing your baby facilitates close interaction between you and your baby.  Babies who are carried participate in their caregivers’ world so intimately that they store these experiences in their brains.  Being at eye level means they tend to be more involved in conversations, leading to earlier speech development and the ability to listen.  They become more aware of body language, facial expressions, voice inflections, breathing patterns and emotions.  They are more aware of and become more involved in everything you do, advancing their learning, social and emotional development.

In addition, carrying your baby gives you two free hands while parenting, meaning you can care for other children and get things down without putting your baby down or leaving them alone.  This closeness also lowers and stabilises your stress hormones, and can decrease postpartum depression.

Read more about the benefits of babywearing at the following references:

Benefits of Babywearing

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