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Why do our babies want to be carried?

Babies are born with a natural desire to be held close to us. After around nine months in the womb spent in the security and warmth of our constant embrace, the outside world is a frightening and threatening place without the comfort, warmth and security of our touch. This, among other reasons is why babies frequently cry when put down and (often instantly) calm when picked up again. Babies thrive in our embrace – here they feel safe and secure, with all of their senses stimulated by our touch, sight, smell and sound.  

In our modern world, we are faced with many competing demands and are often faced with the predicament of how to meet our babies’ natural need to be held close and comforted at all times, without neglecting our other responsibilities. Babywearing gives us the freedom to do just this – with our hands free. When we wear our babies in a wrap, carrier or sling close to our body, we stimulate their senses, support their emotional and physical development and provide them with the reassurance that they need to prosper.

Consultation options

We offer a range of babywearing consultation options in our Withcott store (or at your home for a small travel fee) with our Approved Babywearing Consultant Jess who completed her training with the Babywearing School Australia in February 2016. in which you can learn about the wonderful world of babywearing, including its origins, physiological and developmental benefits for your baby, types of carriers, carrying methods and techniques.

During a consultation, you will learn about the origins of babywearing, the physiological and developmental benefits for your baby, types of carriers, carrying methods and techniques. We will discuss your priorities and needs and guide you in selecting the most suitable carrier for your situation and once you have made your selection, we will then guide you through the step by step techniques using our specially weighted babywearing demonstration doll.

Our one on one consultation options include:

    Basic trouble-shooting ($20)
This consultation is for you if you already have your own carrier/wrap and you need some help trouble-shooting or fine-tuning your technique to achieve the best comfort, fit and optimal positioning for your baby. This session usually runs from 30-45 minutes.
    Carrier consultation ($40) 

In our 45-60 minute carrier consultation, we guide and support you as you try out our range of demonstration carriers to work out which options best suit your needs and the needs of your baby.

    Wrapping consultation ($50)
During our 60-90 minute wrapping consultation, we will walk you through the step-by-step techniques for wrapping your baby using a woven or stretchy wrap your chosen style of carry. This session is ideal if you are new to wrapping and you would like to learn a particular style of carry using a woven or stretchy wrap.
    Belly to baby package ($60)
This is the perfect package if you are an expectant parent and you would like to learn how to safely and optimally carry your baby before their arrival. During this two-part consultation, you see us before the birth of your baby when we will walk you through how to wrap/carry your baby (using one of our special weighted babywearing dolls) and then again after the birth of your baby when we will revisit these techniques and ensure an optimal fit for you and your baby.

In any consultation, should you choose to subsequently purchase a carrier, wrap or sling from us, we will provide a $20 loyalty discount towards your purchase.

If you would like to know more, or to book a consultation, email  or phone us on 0407 232 349 today.

References: Kirkilionis, E. (2014). A Baby Wants to be Carried. Printer and Martin, London.

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